FieldPrime was designed and developed in the Computation Biology unit of the CSIRO Agricultural Flagship. Its initial purpose was to support the data collection and management needs for various field trials of wheat lines run by Dr. Colin Cavanagh. The software is, however, broadly applicable to many situations requiring the collection and collation of data, and hence is made available on request for not-for-profit use, subject to approval.

The FieldPrime Android App, and the FieldPrime Server software were designed and written by Dr. Michael Kirk.

The Cook Lab at UC Davis has been using the FieldPrime app to take phenotyping data in the field for a large set of chickpea crosses. Using a digital format for data collection has helped us to eliminate some of the errors and difficulties inherent in the collection of data in the field and saves time by automatically entering the information into an online database. 

This tutorial was made to introduce our Ethiopian colleagues to the app and get them started in using this technology for their field data collection. While it is targeted toward their projects, it should be broad enough to serve as an introductory tutorial for others interested in using this app.


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