4th Annual Chickpea Innovation Lab Meeting - December 12-14, 2017


Video Presentations

December 12 - Welcome and Overview 

Welcome: SP Wani, Director, RP-Asia
Meeting objectives and expected outcomes: Doug Cook, Director Chickpea Innovation Lab
Remarks: Peter Carberry, DDG, ICRISAT
Remarks: David Bergvinson, DG, ICRISAT

December 12 - Morning Session: Understanding wild species dynamics

Exploring the base: Jens Berger
Ecology and population genetics to understand wild system dynamics: Eric von Wettberg
Unraveling the history of selection in wild and cultivated lineages: Peter Chang
Landraces as a source of cultivated diversity: Sergey Nuzhdin
Deciphering the wild microbiome: Doug Cook

December 12 - Afternoon Session: Moving wild traits into the cultivated genepool

Systematic pre-breeding populations of wild x cultivated accessions: Doug Cook
GWAS and QTL analysis of yield-related traits: Sergey Nuzhdin
Heat tolerance and agronomic traits from wild accessions: Pooran Gaur
Wild progenitors as a source of drought tolerance: Jana Kholova and Vincent Vadez
Disease resistance: Doug Cook

December 13 - Morning Session: Nitrogen fixation 

Diverse symbionts of chickpea: Alex Greenspan
Development of commercial grade inocula: Guido Ramirez
The Australian perspective: Graham O’Hara
Towards commercial outcomes: Doug Cook