Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) - 2017 Meeting


The Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) held its public meeting, The U.S. Government's Global Food Security Research Strategy: From Upstream Research to Development Impact, on September 12, 2017 in Washington, DC.  The purpose of the meeting was to launch the new U.S. Government's Global Food Security Research Strategy and to highlight U.S. Government, university, international agricultural research center, and private sector collaboration and synergy on research to end global hunger.

Speakers in order.  Note: Douglas Cook's presentation is at time 1:20:50.

Brady Deaton (Chancellor Emeritus, University of Missouri and Acting BIFAD Chairman) - Remarks and Welcome

Ann Bartuska (Acting Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics and Acting Chief Scientist, U.S. Department of Agriculture) - Remarks and Welcome

Sean Jones (Senior Deputy Assistant to the Administrator, Bureau for Food Security, USAID - Update on Global Food Security Act

Nora Lapitan (Chief, Research Division, Office of Agricultural Research and Policy, Bureau for Food Security, USAID) - U.S. Government’s Global Food Security Research Strategy Overview

Jesse Poland (Kansas State University) - Leveraging “Big Data” for Wheat Improvement in Kansas & Around the World

Douglas Cook (University of California Davis) - Harnessing an International Network to Deliver Focused Upstream Research to Real World Outcomes in Farmer Fields

Susan Lamont (Iowa State University) - Cutting-Edge Animal Genomics to Enhance Food Security in Africa


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