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University of Saskatchewan

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Bunyamin Tar’an

Associate Professor, Chickpea Breeding and Genetics
Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Email: bunyamin.taran@usask.ca

Dr. Tar’an research area involves genetic improvement and variety development of chickpea for western Canadian environments with particular emphases on yield, disease resistance, earliness and superior seed quality. In addition to classical genetic and breeding, his research includes genomics and agronomic approaches for best management practice for the crop.  He is currently leading several research projects on genomics and physiology of chickpea and food security research in Ethiopia. In addition, Dr. Tar’an supervises undergraduate and graduate student thesis, and posdoctoral fellows research projects



DonnaEdited.jpgDonna Lindsay

Technician, University of Saskatchewan

Email: donna.lindsay@usask.ca




Born and raised in the grain belt of Saskatchewan, growing food has been an integral part of my life. Large backyard gardens, visits to my Grandmother’s farm, summer jobs weeding organic fields, and now employment in the College of Agriculture have nurtured a passion for the relationship between soil, plants and people. My BSc and MSc explored the evolution of plants and featured paleontological fieldwork in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago as well as helping excavate a T-rex in southern Saskatchewan. I traded my rock hammer for a pipettor with a PhD project on hormones, Arabidopsis, and microarrays. As a young child, I clearly remember our first small TV perched on the china cabinet so Dad could watch the news while we ate supper. Pictures of children starving in Africa still haunt me. It is full circle and exciting to be involved in a project that may contribute to alleviating world hunger.