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RoslynReen.jpgRoslyn Reen

Senior Research Officer, Crop Nematology Team, Centre for Crop Health
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba Queensland, Australia



Roslyn Reen is currently an integral member of the University of Southern Queensland Crop Nematology Team. As a Senior Research Officer she has an extensive background in Plant Pathology research with broad experience in nematology with both root-lesion and root-knot nematodes. Notably she worked with John Thompson in the Australian Co-ordinated Chickpea Improvement Program (ACCIP). Under this program she worked to develop methods to test the tolerance of chickpea cultivars to P. thornei in the field and techniques for screening cultivars for resistance to P. thornei and P. neglectus in the glasshouse. As part of ACCIP, she screened for resistance and tolerance to P. thornei, and resistance to P. neglectus, for all Australian chickpea cultivars, all germplasm sources imported in that period from ICARDA and ICRISAT, and advanced breeding lines selected by all components of ACCIP in all Australian states. This information influenced decisions on which advanced lines were released as varieties while the project was operative (Prof K. Siddique pers. comm.). In addition, she screened available accessions of wild chickpea relatives for resistance to P. thornei and P. neglectus and identified resistant progeny in crosses with Australian chickpea cultivars in the breeding program led by Ted Knights. Ros has also conducted multiple research experiments within other projects that involved nematode and fungal plant pathogens affecting wheat, barley, and several horticulture crops.