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Tanyolac.jpgBahattin Tanyolac

Professor and Doctor, Department of Bioengineering, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey

Email: bahattin.tanyolac@ege.edu.tr




Dr. Bahattin Tanyolac has been studying genetic diversity, linkage mapping, QTL analysis, and Association mapping of agronomically important genes in chickpea, lentil and common bean. Turkey is one of the main gene centers for Chickpea and Lentil. Chickpea and lentil are also important food legumes. Their seeds contain mineral elements, which is important for human diet. Among those, iron, selenium, zinc, Mn, and Mg are essentials for human health. We have carried out project on Association mapping of mineral elements in wild and cultivated chickpea seeds, and Common bean growing different locations and years through genotyping by sequencing.  Another project running is genetic diversity of saffron and it’s wild relatives at full chloroplast genome sequence level. The last project, which has already been completed, is linkage mapping of olive genome and QTL analysis of fruit related character using genotyping by sequencing.