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Dr. Peter Doerner

Director of Internationalisation and Professor, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Email: peter.doerner@ed.ac.uk

Dr. Peter Doerner was born and raised in the Philippines, and moved to his native Germany in his teens. He studied biology in Germany and was awarded a Ph.D. in Applied Biology before moving to the United States of America for his postdoctoral studies. There, he worked for 11 years in the plant biology lab at the Salk Institute in San Diego. He then moved to a faculty position at the University of Edinburgh in 1999. His group’s research focussed on the plant cell cycle, plant growth regulation, DNA damage and growth regulation, root development, responses to phosphate limitation, and root system development in chickpea. He has a particular research interest in food security and using biotechnology and information technology to promote sustainable development. For more information on research: Google Scholar

Chickpea Root Project

Led by the University of Edinburgh, the Chickpea Root Project aims to improve chickpea growth and maintain yields by increasing root system depth as a means to access water under dry conditions. The program focuses on visualization tools so that varieties and breeds more suited to dry conditions can be rapidly identified and tested in the field.

University of Edinburgh

From Nobel laureates and Olympic champions to space explorers and prime ministers, the University of Edinburgh has been influencing history since it opened the gates to its first students in 1583. Following the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century, the University was positioned at the forefront of academia and critical thinking. Due to the determination and perseverance of a group of Edinburgh intellectuals, established facts about the world were being boldly and consistently challenged. Amid this group was David Hume, philosopher, economist and essayist known for his philosophical skepticism and empiricism; Joseph Black, the chemist behind the discovery of latent heat and carbon dioxide; and James Hutton, the ‘Father of Modern Geology’.