CGIAR Consortium Research Program 3.5 on Grain Legumes - Summary

With funding from CRP 3.5 Grain Legumes, we focus on the following two objectives.

1.  Characterize the existing collection of wild Cicer reticulatum and Cicer echinospermum accessions presently housed in CGIAR genebanks at ICARDA and ICRISAT.

Analysis of passport data and genebank nomenclatures reveals considerable redundancy within the CGIAR materials and also a considerably narrower geographical origin relative to recent collections that underlie USAID, NSF and GCDT projects. To facilitate optimal future use of both the older CGIAR collection and the recent collections made by our research team, it is important to understand the degree of genetic overlap among the collections. Towards this end, we are sequencing the entire CGIAR Cicer reticulatum and Cicer echinospermum collection using genotyping by sequencing, and using the data to calculate genetic relatedness among the entire set of material.

2. Development of reference genomes for the wild species, Cicer reticulatum and Cicer echinospermum.

Cicer reticulatum is the immediate progenitor species of cultivated Cicer arietinum, and sister to Cicer echinospermum. Both C. reticulatum and C. echniospermum are native to southeastern Turkey and both are cross-fertile with cultivated chickpea. Developing reference genomes of these two wild species will be important to our activities of association mapping and introgression breeding. Towards this end we are using PacBio long-read sequencing to augment existing short read Illumina data to define the organization of the wild genomes.