Discussion Sessions - 4th Annual Meeting of the Chickpea Innovation Lab, December 2017 


The following are PDF files of the power point presentations summarizing each discussion session. 


Discussion Session 1
Integrating genomics, phenotyping and genetics: knowledge-driven breeding
Panel Members: Pooran Gaur, Sergey Nuzhdin, Nigusie Girma, Lars Kamphius, Abdulkadir Aydogan, Sarvjeet Singh, Sushil Chaturvedi, Sabhyata Bhatia


Discussion Session 2
Harnessing chickpea’s microbes: nitrogen fixation and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
Panel Members: Graham O’Hara, Guido Ramirez, Doug Cook, Annapurna Kannepalli, Endalkachew Wolde-meskel, Fassil Assefa, Asfaw Hailemariam, S Gopalakrishnan 


Discussion Session 3
Designing and developing chickpea ideotypes for harsh climatic conditions
Panel Members: Vincent Vadez, Mehmet Yildirim, Kassahun Tesfaye, Jana Kholova, Jens Berger


Discussion Session 4
Making genomic, genetic and phenotypic data accessible and useful to breeders and other chickpea colleagues: analyzed data, databases, web access and views
Panel Members: Abishek Rathore, Peter Chang, Doug Cook, Benjamin Killian, Chris Ojiewo, Eric von Wettberg


Discussion Session 5
Designing and developing disease and pest resistant chickpea cultivars
Panel Members: Seid Kemal, Hari Sharma, Mekasha Chichaybelu, John Thompson, Canan Can, Bidyut Sarmah, Mamta Sharma, Asnake Fikre